Planning For Success

Market Focused Brand Intelligence

At Focus 360° we go the extra mile to help you with Strategic Planning, Market Feasibility and Business Process Management. Our strategic planning offers additional focus to drive growth and success.

Market Feasibility
Reputation Management

Market Feasibility

Reputation Management


Empowering Business Growth

Business decisions for large investment need validation to minimize risk. A Focus 360° Feasibility study helps you to analyze the market and support all layers of your business plan. One of our most important priorities in market feasibility is to understand both cultural and consumer insights. Our unique 360 approach integrates a full suite of services to address these priorities, including: Market research, Business registration and set-up requirements, Location analysis, Environmental Design, Messaging strategy, Financial structure and P&L analysis.

Maintaining Brand Reputation

Building and maintaining your brand reputation is a key driver to your success. We strive to build a strong connection between how you define your brand image and how others perceive your brand. We monitor your brand's reputation and help you develop pro-active strategies to maintain a strong corporate image and to mitigate the effects of negative publicity on your brand. We take pride in our reputation management principles which are also deeply rooted in our strong ethical and cultural values.

Bringing Great Minds and Ideas Together

Our full range of strategic planning methodologies are carefully designed to address both internal and external audiences. Through our unique interactive approach we engage client teams in creative processes that help uncover, elaborate and distill strategies across a range of key business issues.

Our Focus 360° Workshops offerings include:

  • Defining and strengthening positioning through clear competitive advantages.
  • Developing a framework for future decision making.
  • New Product Ideation and Development.
  • Enhancing services, processes and building end to end solutions.
  • Managing Change.